The sole purpose of this profile is just that; I wrote stories for kids. What is said in my resume’ is to let you know how I came there, and why I feel I am confident that my kids’ stories are worth reading.

Leonard Nourse Author Children Stories

WRITER OF KIDS' STORIES | JP & His Animal Detectives

On what I have written I feel confident that my kids’ stories are virtually free of spelling and grammatical errors (Australian English), especially as they have all been edited by a proficient editor. They are all about a kid, cum police officer, cum private detective who can speak to animals. The stories are about how he built up a team of animal detectives and how they solved crimes of animal poaching. They are action packed crime adventures. They are based on nightly bedtime stories I told my kids, granddaughters and their friends over a period of 45 years. They were very popular by my own kids and their friends. The written versions shown to kids were liked, whether told by a parent or read by kids themselves. The full index of his JP series, 11 books, is shown under Books. They are written as two series: The African Series comprising 5 Books and the American Series comprising 6 books.

RESUME’ | Basic & Applied Research

The purpose of this resume’ is purely to convey the fact that I have experience in edited writing and publication. It’s not for the purpose of seeking work.

Qualifications: BSc, MSc, PhD biochemistry – Research studies completed at Biochemistry, NCRL, CSIR, Pretoria, RSA MSc thesis – Measurement of Dehydrogenase in Activated Sludge – Abstract read by head, Dr Helen Schwartz, at International Congress of Water Research, Tokyo 1964: 2 publications

PhD thesis under direction of Prof Arthur Hawtrey: Studies of Mechanisms of Proteins Synthesis and Function of 5SRNA. Abstract presented and read at International Congress Biochemistry, Tokyo. 1967. My research in this field granted me the privilege of presenting my findings at research centres/universities in Hong Kong, Japan (3), USA (13), UK (4), and Europe (4). I was co-author with Prof Hawtrey and sole author in 12 research publications in field. I also published 4 research papers in the field of Pneumoconiosis. All this research was carried out at the CSIR.

I have 8 years of research experience in the field of nutrition as head of R&D on a research farm and quality control laboratory. My co-workers were a team of animal scientist and veterinarians at EPOL, an animal feed company. This was followed by 11 years as head of nutritional research team at ADSRI in South Africa studying the value of nutrition to meet the stresses of disease and toxic factors – research publications 10.

I have experience in working with the renowned late Dr Harry Kamp (RSA) on his burn wound dressing. With Linden Bradfield and family (engineer) produced an improved dressing with the guidance of Dr Kamp. We presented his work and ours at the International Trauma Congress in Durban in 2006. This dressing is superior to any other in treating burn wounds. I’m willing to make the statement that were we allowed to treat any victim with burn wounds with this dressing, possibly even those with burns as much as 90+% tbs, immediately post burn if problems like smoke inhalation can be dealt with. We will produce a healed wound scar free within 3-4 weeks. The healing relative to other treatment is pain free. Antibiotics must not be used with the treatment – they slow the process of wound healing. This is an asset to the antibiotic industry because it is with burn wounds that much of the resistance to antibiotics occurs. The initial research was done by Kamp on rats and pigs and humans with a 100% success rate; even after the passing of Dr Kamp the same success was obtained with human burn wounds. The healed wounds were scar free.

In all this research I’ve also written approximately 200 in-house quarterly reports.