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From research experience and studies of the literature, Len, on grasping the importance of nutrition in health undertook to investigate the role of alternative means in fighting cancer. These included:

  • Optimum nutrition: This value was realized when, in his biochemistry research, his team were forced to feed rats a nutritionally balanced diet instead of a random one. This was enhanced when working for a feed company, where the emphasis of the health and the growth of chickens and other livestock depended the nutrient value of the feed.
  • Movement (Exercise). In general, it goes without saying, the health of all species is improved by movement. In this research with human cancers Len made a special point that movement was included.
  • Amygdalin: Initiated by Griffith’s the book ‘World without cancer’, Amygdalin with the aid of optimum nutrients is noxious to cancer cells. (Experiments done in the 1970s were positive).
  • Blood hormone balance: Initiated by Friedman’s book, ‘How You and Your Doctor Can Fight Breast Cancer, Prostate Cancer, and Alzheimer's. The aim is to maintain a high/sufficient testosterone (T) level. (Friedman - Web). T induces cancer cells to self-destruct
  • Ketogenic diet (Ketosis) and health. This is a diet high in fat and low/restricted in carbohydrates. The significance of this wrt high blood pressure and heart disease and type2 diabetes is well documented in the literature. None better than that given in the book by Jeff S. Volek and Stephen D. Phinney; ‘The Art and Science of Low Carbo hydrate Living’. This book gives easy to follow diets. [I’m not paid to do this.] The book is not expensive. Ketosis and Cancer. This study was initiated when a friend lowered his PSA of more than 1000 to 0.78 by eating a ketogenic diet. Len, when shown to have prostate cancer at age 75 in 2013, added ketosis to his self-treatment. In the literature it is stated: In a blood environment low in glucose but high in ketone bodies, cancer cells die off. (This has clearly been shown with cancer cells grown in tissue culture. In-situ is debate because who will pay for it – that’s part of what I’m doing.)
  • In the 1970s Len and colleagues did an experiment with rats where they prevented liver cancer caused by a highly carcinogenic Azo dye. Rats fed this dye normally die within 20-50 days, depending on the nutrient value of their diet.
  • This experiment was extended to human cancer victims – some 500-1000 who were sent home from hospital to spend their last days with their families. All were given no more than 3 months to live, some only days. The only promise Len made was, in doing as he suggested would improve the quality of life they had left – this happened. With humans it was not suggested they would be cured, yet many lived for as long as 10-20 years. Both results were highly significant. This work is discussed in Len’s cancer story. If interested just ask for it but it will hopefully soon be found in my website.
  • New research, where Len is his sole guinea pig, testing the additional value where Friedman states a high blood testosterone (T) will induce cancer cells to self-destruct, to which was added ketosis. Cancer cells die off in a ketosis blood environment. Now 8th year in, at age 82 Len is still healthy and daily plays 18-54 holes of golf and 60min->4hrs forms of movement accompanied by levels of fasting.

Reminder: From the literature it is understood prostate cancer in the younger is ‘more severe’ than those older. Also, it is understood that at his age, Len will die from something other than Prostate Cancer.

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