[African Series] BOOK 4 GORILLI

African Series: JP & his animal detectives

JUST RELEASED! Book 4 Teambuilding - Gorilli


  • Planning
  • Ranger Steve’s cabin
  • The Action
  • Eagles Job to follow barge

The Voices

  • JP said – When JP, leader of team speaks
  • “Yap…” When Jakkals, the jackal, speaks
  • “WHOW-kayow-kwow…” When Eagle, the Sea Eagle, speaks
  • “Grunt…” When Gorilli, the gorilla speaks
  • Steve said – When Ranger Steve speaks

Book one - JP and his animal detectives

About the Book

Ranger Steve, in charge of gorillas in Central Africa, requests the help of JP and his team of Animal Detectives to help him solve the problem of the poaching of the gorillas by a guerrilla gang. Eagle’s first task is to befriend the local eagles to show her where the gang have them hidden in the dense jungle. Jakkals' task is to be dropped at this site by the eagles, where he is to keep track of the gang and follow their movements when they move.

It is beset with danger. To help the team each team member has a walkie-talkie attached to them to enable them to communicate no matter where. Each episode of this adventure is action packed. It’s made more exciting in that Bobbejaan finds a way to participate in the action, and in which he is best suited. What is also interesting, and innovative, is how the team use freed animals to help them.

Book one - JP and his animal detectives