[African Series] BOOK 3 BOBBEJAAN

African Series: JP & his animal detectives

Bobbejaan - Teambuilding


  • Approach by Police Chief
  • The Poacher’s Trap
  • Combat with Poachers
  • Well Caught Baboons
  • Baboon’s Decoy
  • Leopard’s Justice
  • Lesotho Police Station
  • Bobbejaan, the mischievous third Lieutenant

The Voices

  • JP said – When JP, leader of team speaks
  • “Growl…” When Bruno, the police dog speaks
  • “Yap…” When Jakkals, the jackal, speaks

Book Three Bobbejaan - JP and his animal detectives

About the Book

In a brief meeting the police chief told JP that the species of baboons that originated from the Drakensburg Mountains bordering Natal and Lesotho were rescued from the hold of a foreign ship in Durban harbour. JP knew why the Police Chief told him this, so he scouted the area for the movement of baboon troops in a helicopter, with Jakkals on his lap and Eagle soaring alongside. The purpose; the hope the baboons would lead them to the poachers.

When they spotted a troop JP landed. From then on he and Jakkals continued on foot with Eagle flying above. This vigil paid off, and the team soon encountered a poaching gang in the process of trapping Baboons. What followed from this are action packed scuffles between JP’s team and the poachers. In these scuffles they were often aided by local wildlife, notably eagles, baboons and leopards. In the process, a baby baboon was rescued from a cage that also held captured leopards. Read the story to find out what happened.

Utter…I’m that baby baboon named Bobbejaan, and became JP’s third Lieutenant.

Book three Bobbejaan - JP and his animal detectives