[African Series] BOOK 2: EAGLE

African Series: JP & his animal detectives

Eagle - Teambuilding


  • Learning eagle’s language
  • The journey
  • Jakkals’ venture into the night
  • Skirmish on the cliffs
  • Jakkals’ Scare Tactics
  • Sunrise awakening
  • Final Confrontation with the crooks

The Voices

  • JP said – When JP, leader of team speaks
  • “Yap…” When Jakkals, the jackal, speaks
  • “WHOW-kayow-kwow…” When Eagle, the Sea Eagle, speaks

Book Two - JP and his animal detectives - EAGLE

Yap…I’m Jakkals, the orphan pup given to detective JP by Bruno just before he was killed when saving JP’s life. This story is told in Book-1. After Bruno’s death I took over the role of first lieutenant.

Book-2 is all about how JP and I captured a gang involved in the poaching of Fish Eagles and other animals in mountainous Lesotho. In the dark of the night my first job was to scout the cliffs alongside a river to find the nests of these eagles. In this search I also came across the actual poachers camped alongside a truck close to the river. We had an exciting time rescuing a pair of eaglets from this gang. One became JP’s second lieutenant, Eagle, after JP had dressed her wounds using clay dressings.

My next task was to lead a pair of leopard cubs to their mother. That was scary. At the same time, JP followed Eagle’s parents to the hideout where trapped eagles and other animals were kept captive in a cave. A vicious battle ensued in which JP was held at gunpoint by the gangsters but escaped when the parents of the caged eaglets staged and aerial attack on the heads of the bad guys. I helped by biting the legs of the gangsters. That was fun. Once we had subdued the bad guys we called in the Lesotho police who took care of the bad guys. We made sure all the trapped infants were returned to their parents.

Book two - Eagle - JP and his animal detectives