[African Series] BOOK 1 BRUNO TO JAKKALS

African Series: JP & his animal detectives

Bruno to Jakkals


  • Introduction: We the detectives
  • Part 1: JP - The kid who spoke to the Animals
  • Part 2: Lieutenant Johannes Andre’ Alexander Pietersen of Camperdown
  • Part 3: Bruno’s story - Our Plan
  • Part 4: Bruno’s sacrifice and hello Jakkals

The Voices

  • JP said – When JP, leader of team speaks
  • “Growl…” When Bruno, the police dog speaks
  • “Yap…” When Jakkals, the jackal, speaks

Book one - JP and his animal detectives

About the book

"I'm Johannes Andre' Alexander Pietersen, nicknamed Jaapie, shortened to JP. Read the sory to find out why. From hidden places I listened to and mimicked the voices of animals and birds. I soon found I could talk to them; probably due to my Choi-Choi gene from my mother."

In one exciting episode Bruno tells Len (JP's friend who knows he can talk to animals), with JP interpreting, how they caught this gang of drug dealers in the Valley of a Thousand Hills and put them in Jail. You can tell how excited and proud Bruno was of his part in solving this crime.

In a later episode, JP and Bruno were lured into a trap set by the very gang they had previously put behind bars, where unpleasant things happened to them. This was not before Bruno had brought JP an addition to his team; Jakkals the Jackal, who became JP's first lieutenant. In the follow-up episodes, JP and Jakkals build up an animal detective team in nerve racking adventures involving animal poaching worldwide.

Book one - JP and his animal detectives