He understands and communicates with animals. Together they solves crimes.

 JP & his Animal Detectives The African Series Book 1

The books are packed with adventure! There's an African Series (published), taking place around Africa, featuring African animals. As well as an American Series which takes all the characters to the Americas for new adventures and more animal characters.

Overview JP & His Animal Detectives

"I'm Johannes Andre' Alexander Pietersen, nicknamed Jaapie, shortened to JP. Read the story to find out why. From hidden places I listened to and mimicked the voices of animals and birds. I soon found I could talk to them; probably due to my Choi-Choi gene from my mother."

As a child JP realize he can understand and communicate with animals. When he grows up he joins the police force where, in action packed adventures, he and his police dog, Bruno, solved drug related crimes as well as those of animal poaching. In one exciting episode Bruno tells Len, with JP interpreting, how they caught this gang of drug dealers in the Valley of a Thousand Hills and put them in Jail. In this episode you can tell how excited and proud Bruno was of his part in solving this crime

 JP & his Animal Detectives The African Series

The first 5 books of the series takes place in Africa; filed under the African series. The next six books are filed under the American series, which takes the characters to America for all new action and adventure as they go about solving all sorts of new types of crimes.

 JP & his Animal Detectives The African Series